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Envirofan Single Brick Dual Fan Kit (EF5UKK) (For UK Only)


The Envirofan Dual Fan sub-floor system extracts 3500 litres per minute (3.5m3/min) (or more air volume by increasing the voltage selector on the transformer) of damp air. It comes in a single brick size. This fan-forced vent operates at around only $3 annually and is available in brown, white, or shale grey. Packaged with the Envirofan brick size ventilation system and 6m of low voltage cable & connectors, The Envirofan Dual Fan (single brick) is ideal for applications where the sub-floor area is reduced and our popular Quad Fan system cannot be fitted. If accessibility is an issue, the low voltage cabling can be installed via conduit below ground level, and from a weatherproof box containing the timer and transformer or by one solar panel per brick size system.

NB- If using a solar panel with the Envirofan their will be fluctuations in rpm’s, unlike the Envirofan being on a low voltage transformer as rpm’s will remain constant.

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  • Convenient brick size:
    OD (outside dimension with integrated flange) l-275mm x w-126mm x d-65mm. Cut out size l-235mm x w-90mm
  • White, Shale Grey or Brown powder coated extruded aluminium louvered vent.
  • Kit contains Brick size Envirofan, 6m of Low Voltage Cabling (LVC) and connectors per unit
  • 3.5m3/min (3,500 litres/min) of damp air extracted from your sub-floor per minute @ 7.5volts. Quiet operation at only 30dba@1m.
  • 3.74m3/min (3740 litres/min) of damp air extracted from your sub-floor per minute @ 12volts which is at 42.5dba@1m
  • IP68 Rated.
  • An unobtrusive design that is aesthetically pleasing and will not detract from your home.
  • Low voltage (12v)
  • Australian made.
  • 2 years manufacturers warranty.
  • Digital timer is recommended when installed within installation (8am-5pm)
  • Shipping costs to UK included in product cost.
  • Pricing in AUD
  • We will contact you via email to advise on where to purchase a UK compatible transformer (Power Supply) as this will operate up to 4 brick size systems.


The Envirofan System is installed at the problem area by replacing a brick passive vent or by extricating 1 brick. This will draw the 3500 litres @ 7.5v of damp (or more air flow by increasing the voltage selector on the transformer) humid air toward and through the Envirofan replenishing the air quality which will make a noticeable difference in air quality for that specific area.

Indicators- At the problem area where the musty smell is most pronounced inside the dwelling. This can be verified by going into the sub-floor area and determine that the musty smell is more concentrated in this area. Where discolouration (darkened appearance or fungi) on the soil is apparent as compared to other soil appearance in the sub-floor area. Where the minimum outside ground level is 115mm lower bottom edge of the floor joist. Where reduced sub-floor space is minimal. Where there is no sub-floor access, coupled with the solar option or external power point (or internal power point mounted on the inside skin of a perimeter wall) total installation can be completed from the outside.
The Envirofan single brick dual fan system can also be integrated into a wire mesh vent, which would change the vent from a passive to an active ventilation system, which could only mean better performance of the vent itself.
Install EF5MA (single brick motor assembly in sub-walls (without the grill whereby the louvered grill can be repurposed to the south or western side of the dwelling which is the sunny aspect of the dwelling which would allow dry air to be ingress the sub floor area) in solid brick dwellings to transfer air from one section to the next (no ducting) toward an Envirofan sub-floor ventilation system on the outside wall.

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Single Brick Dual Fan Kit For UK

1x Single Brick – White, 1x Single Brick – Shale Grey, 1x Single Brick – Brown, 2x Single Brick – White, 2x Single Brick – Shale Grey, 2x Single Brick – Brown, 3x Single Brick – White, 3x Single Brick – Shale Grey, 3x Single Brick – Brown

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