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Envirofan Quad Fan System with SP4 Combination Kit (EF10-4-SP4K)


This fan-forced sub-floor vent chassis fits into a space of two (2) bricks high, by one (1) brick wide. With a 21mm flange that is integrated into the louvered model, fits snuggly into the space that is occupied by a terra-cotta (TC) vent. The solarpanel occupies a space on the roof of 720 x 260. This system does not store energy but works directly when the sun is on the solarpanel which generates power to the quad fan system. The solar concept is ideal where dry air is to be induced into the sub-floor area and when it is damp and rainy it does not activate. A combo kit comprises of 2 x quad fan system 2 x solarpanel (SP4) to operate the quad fan system and 18m of low voltage cable (LVC) and connectors.
The Envirofan Quad Fan extracts 6,500 litres per minute (6.5m3/min) of damp air per minute and is the quietest system in its class. Cost to run is free energy from the sun so it leaves no carbon footprint. This system is ideal for applications where a standard passive terracotta vent is to be replaced and great for holiday home whereby the mains power is switched off and the solar powered ventilation systems will continue to operate. Totally automatic!



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  • Terracotta vent; OD (outside dimension with integrated flange) l-275mm x w-215mm x d-65mm. Cut out size l-235mm x w-175mm.
  • Solarpanel is 360 x 260 x 25mm @ 1.27 kg’s
  • Brown, White or Shale Grey powder coated aluminium louvered vent.
  • 6.5m3 (6,500 litres) of damp air extracted from your sub-floor per minute
  • Reversible fan blades to change modes from negative to positive pressure.
  • Quiet operation at only 30db@1m
  • Long life – fully serviceable.
  • An unobtrusive design that is aesthetically pleasing and will not detract from your home.
  • Solar powered.
  • Available in  White, Brown, Shale Grey and Heritage.
  • Australian made ventilation system.
  • 2 years manufacturers warranty.


The Envirofan should be placed near the problem area where the musty smell is most pronounced inside the dwelling this can be verified by going  into the sub-floor area to determine that musty smell is more concentrated in this area. Where discolouration (darkened appearance or fungi) on the soil is apparent as compared to other soil appearance in the sub-floor area. In the area where there is reduced clearance of 180mm between the bottom edge of the floor joist and the top edge of the brick work where the Envirofan sits on. Placed in strategic location as aforementioned where double brick size terracotta vents exist.
Install EF5MA (single brick motor assembly in sub-walls (without the grill) in solid brick dwellings to transfer air from one section to the next (no ducting) toward an Envirofan sub-floor ventilation system on the outside wall.


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White, Brown, Shale Grey, Heritage

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