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Envirofan 12v In-Line Fan Kit (EF12IL-K)


The Envirofan 12v In-Line system removes 7,000 litres per minute (6.5m3/min) of damp air at only 49.7dba. Boxed with a variable transformer that can lower the decibel rating if required.

This fan-forced vent is typically applied to buildings with split or uneven sub-floor areas that create a “pocket” of humid air. The fan is installed at the end of a duct that winds its way through the sub-floor structure to access the problem pocket area and to introduce fresh air via the existing passive vents.

This sub-floor ventilation method is flexible, whereby the In-Line fan system can be installed at the end of the duct or directly in front of the 150mm “y” intersection (also available for purchase if required) where the flexi duct can extend another 1.2m in both directions.

If a manual damper is used together with the y-branch placed behind the in-line fan system, on the arm of the y-branch where no flexi-duct is used, the flexi-duct can extend another 2.4metres on the other inlet of the y-branch. The trunk line back to the exit grill should be no more than 6 metres.

  • Australia made.

Our standard kit includes the 150mm In-line fan system, 12v transformer, and 6m of low voltage cable unless ordered passive vent with 150mm spigot. Does not include flexible ducting.

NB- The spigot is attached to the back of the passive vent as seen below. It is compatible with 150mm flexi duct.


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  • 6.5m3 (6,500 litres) of damp air extracted from your sub-floor per minute.
  • 150mm inlet/outlet
  • Quiet operation at only 49.7dB.
  • Long life – fully serviceable.
  • Low voltage (12v – 13.2v) or solar powered.
  • 100% Australian made.
  • 2 years manufacturers warranty.
  • Digital timer is recommended.

Envirofan specializes in sub-floor ventilation and they still hold to the view that it should travel uninhibited and without obstructions caused by flexible ducting. So why produce a 12v in-line fan system? As ventilation is quite diverse, Envirofan saw the need to produce the 12v in-line system for a number of reasons and these are:

  • 12v in-line systems are very rare in the Australian marketplace. So it is logical to produce an Australian designed and manufactured product.
  • 12v in-line systems operated at 16 watts. This would mean that the impact on power resources is much less than a 240v system which would translate to less green house emissions.
  • The 12v in-line systems can be solar-powered.
  • There is no need for an electrical license as the unit is low voltage. This would be ideal for the home handyman, pest technicians, plumbers, carpenters and builders.
  • Ventilation solutions is not limited to the sub-floor area only. There is a wide variety of applications where 12v in-line fan systems can be utilized e.g. shower rooms, toilet blocks, storage rooms, fume cupboards, air transfer applications, etc.


At the problem area in the sub-floor area where the musty smell is most pronounced inside the dwelling. This can be verified by going into the sub-floor area to determine that the musty smell is more concentrated in this area. Where discolouration (darkened appearance or fungi) on the soil is apparent as compared to other soil appearance in the sub-floor area. Where a brick size dual fan system cannot be installed on an exterior wall. Where reduced sub-floor space is minimal. In-line system is placed at the end of the duct into the problem area. Or just like the ‘Ducting Fan’ can be mounted 500mm approx. to the external outlet and extend back 5.5m to the problem area.

Can be also use to ventilate at the centre of the dwelling (incidental to brick veneer construction). Located in the middle sub-floor area of the dwelling whereby fresh air can be drawn in through the existing exterior passive vents then extracted through the sub-floor ventilation system through ducting to the double brick size Envirofan passive vent mounted on the exterior wall. Can be used to ventilate ‘cul-de-sac’ areas provided there is sufficient sub-floor access.

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