Entrapped Humidity Discharged By Effective Sub floor Ventilation

When sub floor ventilation is absent or inadequate, off-gassing from organic substances enters the habitable area and manifests itself by a pungent odour or a musty smell which decreases the air quality inside the home and excess humidity levels can encourage termites as they are attracted to moisture.

When sub floor ventilation is administered this is likened to letting the bath plug out and releasing the water contained within the vessel. Adequate sub floor ventilation is very similar in principle where the organic odours are redirected from the habitable area and is drawn towards the Envirofan sub floor ventilation (the drain) system by the extraction process.

This is where positive pressure can make matters worse by forcing the odours into the habitable area at an accelerated rate by inducing air into the sub floor area.

The advantages of Envirofan is miles ahead of the rest, as we can install various Envirofan systems to extract the air out as by the process mentioned above without the use of big noisy in-line fan systems, 150mm ducting, branch take offs & dampers etc which just clogs up the sub floor area even further.

Envirofan has the product and know how to adequately ventilate your sub floor area. ‘If It is not Envirofan it isn’t one’