The ‘Standard’ That Established The Envirofan Quad Fan System

From 2001 Envirofan introduced the Quad fan system. The uniqueness about Envirofan products is the R & D that went into fan mechanism before its release into the marketplace from the 1980’s. It made Envirofan or Solarfan as it was known at the time, very credible as the test process was carried out by UNSW Consulting/Unisearch. This established the standard for sub-floor ventilation systems.

If sub-floor ventilation system are not measured by this standard, how can a product be measured?

Can the manufacturer’s information or inhouse test be relied upon to assure the consumer that they have purchased a quality product. Case in point: Baby capsules, strollers, child restraints and toys. There are many manufacturing companies in China, but does that mean they all churn out quality products? How many Chinese products are recalled as they don’t meet Australian Standards and are a child hazard or just plain dangerous. This can apply to ventilation systems as well. If the research and development has not be done, then the R & D is being done unbeknownst to the consumer at their own home. Can the person who supplies the product or the information on their websites be trusted? As a potential customer would  you have faith in a  product that was independently  tested prior to its release into the marketplace (Envirofan) or something that was put together and is being installed into peoples homes. (eg 24volt mechanism) Would you have it installed in your home?

The Envirofan product in sub-floor ventilation is in the forefront from all others and here are the reasons why:

Tested and Approved by a credible ‘Independent’ company owned by UNSW Global Australia. Unisearch manages the end to end expert identification, authentication, briefing and reporting process. Done with rigour, experience and pride in the highest quality outcomes, independent of the manufacturer’s claims.

Original design and original high caliber fan forced mechanism.

Has endured the test of time since its market appearance in 1980’s.

Positive consensus amongst Architects and Builders.

Effectiveness and positive customer feedback.

Widespread use nationally by Pest Management, Builders and Architects.

Australian made and designed.

A level is used as a ‘standard’ to give feedback to the user of true horizontal (level) and vertical planes (plumb). Envirofan in its class is the ‘standard’ of sub floor ventilation system which leaves others in its wake, where quality and longevity is assured to those who avails themselves of it.

‘If it’s not Envirofan, it’s isn’t one!’