Pest Management and the Sub-Floor Ventilation Relationship

Pest management companies, as part as there termite control regime are recognising the need for sub-floor ventilation. The most effective sub-floor ventilation is the combined use of passive and active ventilation systems. Over the years passive vents have improved to include high flow vents, up from the old terracotta vent, which are a better proposition.

A fan-forced or ‘active’ Envirofan sub-floor vent is far better than other 12 volt systems. How can we say that?

Envirofan sub-floor ventilation systems had gone through an intensive testing process before its introduction into the marketplace by UniSearch in the late 1970’s. Since then it has become a proven ‘tried and tested’ solution that has stood the test of time.

Unfortunately, cheap, alternative 12 volt fans are being acquired by pest management companies, integrated into dwellings and hailed as a marketable product. However unbeknownst to the home owner, they are being used as little more than a guinea pig – their homes being used as a product testing platform. This is due to the fact that ‘some’ pest management companies/pest controllers are not up front in revealing the true history or track record of their products (as they most likely do not have one). This is made obvious with their hastiness to get rid of them.

Img-Services-Floor1Even in their design (or lack of it), for the home owner the aesthetics of their poor sub-floor solution is wanting. An example of this (pictured right) is the protruding hood that extends from the face of the finished brick work. Interestingly, Eco-Fan had something similar a few years ago and later decided to remove this feature from their product as it became a hazard for children, especially at eye level. Another poor example of forethought producing a lackluster design. Need we say more?

But, you can relax with Envirofan sub-floor ventilation. Our product is proven; evolved and tested away from your home; going on to withstand the test of time in real-world applications; doesn’t protrude from your wall or put your children at risk.