12 Volt Sub-Floor Ventilation Fan Solutions

efproducts-etchedreflectedWhat constitutes a normal 12 volt fan being used in a sub-floor ventilation environment?

During the R&D stages in the late 1970’s, over 35 years ago, Solarfan produced the first 12 volt sub-floor fan system. The independent testing revealed sub-floor ventilation capabilities such as performance, longevity, db (decibel or noise rating) at the lowest in the marketplace and, finally, aesthetics. Their most important discovery was the robustness of the fan mechanism in a corrosive environment, which the sub-floor area is.

All properties of this intensive test process gave Solarfan (now Envirofan) the best result which was, and still is second to none. The pest control industry was given priority as with the final single-brick-sized fan design produced, was a low voltage or a 12 volt fan system. This gave the pest control industry the tools to improve sub-floor ventilation in accordance with the ‘Termite Inspection Report in accordance with AS3660” which they issue to clients without requiring an electricians license.

Unfortunately ‘some’ pest controllers, to maximize their bottom line, are marketing their own homemade 12 volt sub-floor fan system by stealth. An example of this was a call that we received from a prospective client in Port Macquarie. A pest controller offered a quote to install just one 12 volt homemade replica for $700! As the home owner, if you going to invest that kind of capital in a product, you want to know you’re receiving a quality product with a reliable track record. Unbeknownst to the client the key ingredient that is missing from such replicas is how to fail-safe the fan mechanism in a corrosive sub-floor environment.

As a discerning customer, Envirofan recommends you probe further. Ask your pest controller such questions as:

  1. What brand is the sub-floor ventilation system (‘EF’ being Envirofan)?
  2. How long has it been in the marketplace for?
  3. Does it have a reliable track record?
  4. Does your pest controller have a reference – is there satisfied home owner with the product installed and how long have they had it installed for?
  5. Has the product been certified by an independent facility as a quality 12 volt sub-floor fan ventilation system?

If you’re still unsure, over the years Envirofan have covered nearly all aspects of sub-floor ventilation and have armed the public with what to lookout for. At Envirofan, we have nothing to hide and our distributors are proudly of the same caliber (see Contact Us for a comprehensive list). Envirofan 12 volt fan systems are unparalleled in quality, aesthetics and have stood the test of time. You can relax with Envirofan 12 volt sub-floor fan systems beneath your home and feel confident in the quality of our installers.