12 Volt DIY (Do It Yourself) Sub-floor Ventilation from Envirofan

In times of spiraling costs, it does put a squeeze on the household budget – but not with Envirofan. We have endeavored to arm the public with information stressing the importance of sub-floor ventilation not just for the home but for the health of the family. There is nothing more important to us than the well-being of our loved ones and firmly believe good sub-floor ventilation is a must for the benefit of your family. Better still, cut costs with our 12 Volt DIY sub-floor ventilation solution.

At only 12 volts, installation is a cinch! But what about running costs? The average power consumption of our 12 volt dual-fan sub-floor ventilation solution equates to only $3 per year! Our latest quad-fan system reaches a minimal $6 per year. Or simply attach your system to your existing solar panels.

Don’t have solar panels? Solar panels can be installed by yourself but be aware they need to be mounted and attached to the roofing material then cabling dropped to the sub-floor system via a cavity or conduit. Or we can install them for you.

Where do I place the sub-floor ventilation system?

The Envirofan sub-floor ventilation system needs to be placed near the damp problem area regardless of if it is a perimeter or sub-wall. This can typically be determined by a comparatively darker colour in the soil indicating damp or wetness is present there. Effective cross-flow ventilation across these areas creates a drying effect – most noticeable in a dry-spell as the dark areas recede.

In a more regular climate where rain returns after a few sunny days, the soil becomes damp again but the effects inside the living area include a noticeable drier feel as the humidity in the sub-floor area is whisked away by the sub-floor ventilation systems.