Ventilation Solutions Using Sub-Floor Systems

Envirofan has been providing ventilation solutions which target sub-floor ventilation for many years. Clients can attest to there effectiveness. In providing sub-floor ventilation there are two paths that a potential client can travel when researching sub-floor ventilation.

What are the differences?

Power Consumption
As the voltages imply a 240 volt sub-floor ventilation system uses more power than a 12 volt system. Actually this is about 20 times more than 12 volt system.

Noise Factor
240 volt in-line fans have a noise rating of between 48-60dba The Envirofan 12 volt sub-floor ventilation system has a noise rating of 27dba, which means that it is around half the noise level of a 240 volt system.

Is a 12 volt equivalent to a 240 volt system? It takes two 12 volt systems to equal the high end 240 volt in-line fan system. The advantage of this is that the Envirofan 12 volt sub-floor ventilation can gather more air flow in a sub-floor space as the air travels freely toward the ventilation system.

240 volt in-lines are different as they gather air toward a ducting system which then the air flows toward the fan system and then is extracted outside.

Which ventilation solution seems more straight forward to you?

In light of the fore-going Envirofan 12 volt sub-floor ventilation system seems to excel than a 240 volt system in power consumption, noise rating and effectiveness by the non-use of flexible ducting.