The Truth About 12 Volt Sub-Floor Ventilation Systems

EFQuadFan-HeroIn the age of spiraling energy costs and issues concerning cutting green house gas emission, as the consumer please consider the choice in sub-floor ventilation systems whether to use a 12 volt system or a 240 volt system. As the term 12 volt implies it is a low voltage sub-floor ventilation system which would consume 80% less power and is 50% quieter than a 240 volt in-line system. In fact the Envirofan quad fan systems at peak performance operates at 27dba, which makes it the one of most quietest sub-floor ventilation systems in the market place.

Does the Envirofan have the needed airflow capabilities?

There is no doubt that Envirofan sub-floor ventilation system has the capabilities in sub-floor ventilation right from its inception since the 1970’s. The fact is that it would take two Envirofan quad fan systems to equal what a high volume domestic in-line fan system will do.

Another consideration is that if a 240 volt in-line fan system is used to ventilate the sub-floor area and this fails and it is was the same fate for one of the impellers on the quad fan system, the sub-floor ventilation properties of the quad fan system would still be at 75% of its operating capacity whereas with regard to single fan system the ventilation properties would be ‘completely’ lost until such time the fan system is repaired or replaced. The saying is true that ‘you can’t put all your eggs in one basket.’

What about all the stuff they put into the sub-floor?

Most ventilation companies install ducting, branch take offs, dampers, starting collars, reducing collars and when finished looks like an octopus in the sub-floor area. Envirofan low voltage sub-floor ventilation system has none of this as the 12 volt system replaces certain terracotta vents that already exist around the home. When these are installed the ventilation systems directs the air flow to these point freely and not having to jump over these other materials as aforementioned.

Your intuitive discernment

In this article we have barely scratched the surface in how Envirofan 12volt sub-floor ventilation systems is just so much more straight forward in effectiveness and in sub-floor ventilation design. As the consumer I am sure it would make a lot of sense to you as well.