Sydney’s Big Wet! Time to Think of Effective Sub-Floor Ventilation

In July 2011 Sydney average rainfall of 97mm was reached in two days and went far beyond that as consecutive lows battered the east coast. As moisture run seeps into our sub-floor areas, it is an opportune time to address sub-floor ventilation.

Moisture that is entrapped in the sub-floor area should be released by effective ventilation. This would go beyond passive ventilation as the air meanders its way thru a passive vent and is only as good as the wind blowing through them.

Fan-forced sub-floor ventilation does not rely on this characteristic as they are self-motivated either by solar power or by low voltage electricity on a timer program. They generate sub-floor ventilation by extracting the accumulated humidity in the sub-floor area and extract it to the outside where it does not cause any-more harm to the occupants or the building.


  • Low or no running costs.
  • A proven product since the late 1970’s which has stood the test of time.
  • Effective sub-floor ventilation which has been repeated time after time.
  • Extensive use in the pest control industry.
  • Ease of installation to the home handy person.
  • Australian made and designed.

The last point should be emphasized as there appears as of late sub-floor and roof ventilation systems which are imported from China.

Envirofan has always looked after its own and are constantly bombarded by Chinese manufacturers, which will never be considered. This cannot be said for other ventilation companies who products are imported no matter from China, Spain or wherever.

Insist on Envirofan sub-floor and roof ventilation systems. There is no substitute.