NOT All Sub-floor Ventilation Systems are the Same – The Evolution of Envirofan

ef_guaranteeIn the nineteen seventies a Telecom engineer created a fan-forced ventilating system for sub floor areas that would replace passive vents whether brick size or terracotta size. As now clients can take control of their sub floor ventilation needs and not be at the mercy of the wind or the lack of it to aerate their sub floor areas.

After an amalgamation of two other partners Solarfan was born. Solarfan was the first fan-forced company to develop brick size and terracotta vent size sub floor ventilating systems. Solarfan being the market leader of its time had rigorous testing carried out by Unisearch in the 1970’s. Unisearch was a very intensive testing and research facility, contracted to research and examine commercial products. Consulting and expert opinion from UNSW is now known as UNSW Consulting and Unisearch, a division of New South Global. This accreditation was a fundamental testing process which other ventilation systems did not comply to.

Since the 1980’s other companies have tried to copy the Solarfan idea in design or principle. This has proved to be a two edge sword for them as they don’t understand how to make a ventilation system robust for corrosive sub floor environments. Companies that came to their own demise was ‘Solarvent’ and ‘Extravent’. In recent times two companies in NSW have ‘unauthorised’ use of ‘our’ brick size and quad fan images on their websites to propagate ventilation systems that are of ‘our’ design, but not of our mechanism which do not compare (see below). Persons who do not have regard for the copyright of others website, let alone our product, is an indictment against themselves and speaks volumes. As a person of good discernment, would you do business with these unethical companies?

To confirm the longevity of the fan mechanism apart from the Unisearch results in the 1970’s, a trial involving in house and field test was conducted in 2005 with another mechanism which was represented by a German company. The finality of the trial revealed that the German mechanism in the sub floor environment only lasted approximately eighteen months before ceasing. With the conclusion of this test shows that with any fan model specification, will drastically be shortened due to a corrosive sub floor environment. We have seen the demise of other companies and many more will come and go. Envirofan has the knowledge and the experience to know how to make our systems robust for these conditions. Others Don’t.  As the consumer why put faith in anything else!!

For many years Solarfan was the forerunner in sub floor ventilation and helped various companies in the supply of sub floor fan-forced systems in Sydney and Melbourne however in 2001 it ceased trading. In 1994 David Marinos joined the ranks of Solarfan and was directly trained by the respective managing directors in sub-floor ventilation from 1994-2001. In that time he had witnessed great customer results but also some ‘installation’ (not product) inadequacies, which made Solarfan not reach its full potential. The knowledge and experience he gained during this time was the foundation of better things to come.

In 2001 David had the opportunity to take over where Solarfan left off. His first mission was to upgrade the fan mechanism and increase its longevity. This excellenct range is now called Envirofan.

From Solarfan, Envirofan sub floor ventilation systems went further in product quality. In 2001 the fan mechanism was upgraded as new technology was made available, but remaining steadfast to the original fan manufacturer. This was an obvious course of action to take, as this would not compromise the original outcome of the Unisearch testing process. The upgrade was due to the fan impeller design which delivered an extra ten percent more airflow than its predecessor. David also ensured that these mechanisms, which they were designed for, would stand the test of time. David also ensured that a complimentary product be added to the Envirofan range in 2001 by developing the Envirofan quad fan system (EF10-4) which delivered twice the amount of air flow (5,500 litres/min) than the dual fan sub floor ventilation system at only 27dba(decibels) which makes it the most quietest sub floor ventilation systems in the market place. These are available in contemporary and heritage styles.

With the current technology and implementation of improvements undertaken, the quality of Envirofan sub floor ventilation systems are at their pinnacle However when new technology is made available it will be considered and tested to make Envirofan sub floor systems even better. You can be rest assured that you will get the latest and the best sub floor ventilation system from Envirofan.