Sub-floor Ventilation Systems from Envirofan

JackK_DIY-Extracted Air (Envirofans)There are three things that make a good Sub-floor Ventilation System.

Reliability and Ingenuity

What determines a reliable product is the test of time. Envirofan Sub-floor Ventilation Systems has the foreknowledge from its predecessor Solarfan from the nineteen seventies and eighties of what works and what doesn’t. To illustrate this point an architect firm from North Sydney contacted us to inquire of what could be done with a ‘Solarvent’ Sub-floor Ventilation product that only lasted 2 years. With our knowledge we were able to provide the solution.

With the emergence of others trying to copy what we have done at Envirofan, is the example of a customer who bought an ‘Extravent’ and told us that the product lasted around 6 months. It is obvious that these two companies are no longer in business. Time and frustration could all be avoided by using Envirofan Sub-floor Ventilation systems.

Sub-floor Ventilation System Design and Installation

Sub-floor Ventilation companies usual practice is to use of flexible ducting (flexiduct) to various parts of the sub-floor area. This design just puts more stuff into the sub-floor space which makes it more difficult for tradesman to access services and is just another obstacle for airflow to travel around. Envirofan’s Sub-floor Ventilation installation methods leaves other ventilation companies in its wake as we believe this is not good practice. Where there is a sub-floor ventilation problem area, we would install a Sub-floor Ventilation System right at this point, in the exterior wall as shown in the illustration above and induce drier air from the sunny aspect of the dwelling. This can be achieved by the Envirofan Sub-floor Ventilation System or by the installation of hi-flow vents. If there is a reduced external ground clearance to the finish floor level inside the home, then we would use a brick size Sub-floor Ventilation System. If the ground clearance is higher than the internal floor level, which pest control companies would be alarmed at, as this would present a potential breach point for termites to penetrate the dwelling, Envirofan Sub-floor Ventilation Systems has also got it covered in this particular instance.

Experienced Sub-floor Ventilation Consultants And Installation Crews

As the consumer there would be nothing worse than for a Sub-floor Ventilation company to assume that they know what they are doing but don’t get the design or installation right. It would be expensive for the client to rectify with a uninstallation of existing Sub-floor Ventilation Systems which are incorrectly sized, with insufficient performance and inferior products.

From the outset Envirofan Sub-floor Ventilation Systems does not have a problem with product integrity as it has passed stringent testing processes from the 1970’s.