Sub-Floor Ventilation for Your Family’s Health and Home

Effective sub-floor ventilation speaks volumes in benefits to the home as well as its occupants.

Health to the Home – Effect on Sub-floor Structures

The longevity of the sub-floor structure is preserved by effective sub-floor ventilation. The toll that uncontrolled damp can take on timber structures can have a major impact. When subject to this kind of damp, this enlarges the timbers cell, expanding the timber itself. This creates flexibility in the timber which can cause bouncing in wooden floor structures. Damp can cause timbers to increase in volume thereby pushing itself on internal or external wall structures, thereby cracking them. If the cracking persists these walls may need to be rebuilt, an expensive problem to fix.

Lack of effective sub-floor ventilation can leave newly laid floors vulnerable. Before timber can be laid it must acclimatise. Most floor companies are aware of this. However after period of time uncontrolled damp can continue to impregnate the timber floor thereby swelling it. This process is known as cupping and warping. It can be very distressing to the client when this happens. Effective sub-floor ventilation will control excessive moisture and continue to bail the moisture out of the sub-floor area by the extraction process, utilising fan-forced ventilation systems.

Attraction of Termites

Sub-floor damp which is not controlled can expose the home to termite attack. This is obvious as termites are attracted to moisture and the food source they thrive on in these moist conditions. The ‘Termite Inspection Report ‘AS3660 gives testimony to the fact that adequate sub-floor ventilation must be addressed to ‘minimise the risk of termites to establish themselves within the property.’ The cost of termite damage is not cheap. So why not installed adequate sub-floor ventilation controls now, at a fraction of the ‘cost.’ Perhaps a better word to use would be ‘investment’ as you would get a ‘return’ on your capital outlay. This return would include- peace of mind, a termite control mechanism in place, preservation and longevity of sub-floor timber structures, health of the air quality inside the home and health of the family as discussed in the following paragraphs.

Investment in Sub-floor Ventilation Systems

Sub-floor ventilation is low investment, which does not cost the earth. Find out how small an outlay can reciprocate in benefits.

Health Benefits to Occupants

Most materials used in the construction of building are porous. When humidity (internal damp) is above acceptable levels this allow a bacterial spore to get a foothold into these crevices and propagate. Where the infection has reach overwhelming proportion this will release more spores into the air, contaminating it also. Where there are people occupying this dwelling, this can have a profound effect on their health as they are ingesting these spores into their respiratory tract, which ultimately can make them quite sick. Headaches, nauseating, breathing difficulties, eyes, nose and throat irritations can occur. Which children are more susceptible to. Internal humidity may be contributed by poor underfloor ventilation. At what cost to your family’s health will effective sub-floor ventilation be administered.


You owe to yourself and to your loved ones to correct insufficient sub-floor ventilation not only for the good of their health but for the health of the home. Envirofan sub-floor ventilation systems will provide the best installation practice and ventilation solution.