Why is Sub-floor Ventilation Essential?

Good sub-floor ventilation is essential, as a lack of it can affect your health and your home. To be more specific, the emissions produced by organic material will interact with high humidity in the sub-floor area. This will penetrate into the living area through the flooring material, e.g. chipboard or tongue and groove etc. This will impact on the air quality inside the home. The air quality will degenerate and affect our respiratory tract. This is not ideal for your health or the family’s.

What can good sub-floor ventilation do for you?

Good sub-floor ventilation will take the unhealthy air (as discussed above) and divert it to the outside by means of Envirofan sub-floor systems as shown above. These units replace a standard size terra-cotta vent. If terracotta vents are not available then brick size systems can be used, or a double brick course can be cut by a 225mm diamond blade and the Envirofan quad fan systems installed.

What can good sub-floor ventilation do for your home?

Good sub-floor ventilation can stop dampness in its track and reverse the cycle of floors being affected by damp e.g. cupping floors, bowing floors, bouncing floors and dry rot. Did we mention ‘termites’!