Sub-Floor Ventilation Designs from Envirofan

EF10-4B-Installed-InstallationWhat determines a reliable product is the test of time.

Envirofan Sub-Floor Ventilation Systems has stood the test of time from its predecessor Solarfan Sub- Floor Ventilation Systems which initiated their product in the late twentieth century, from there Envirofan Sub-Floor Ventilation Systems has proven that quality components and time makes for a good Sub-Floor Ventilation System.

Different Sub-Floor Ventilation Systems have come and gone over the years and this is a sad outcome for the consumer, as they have invested their hard earned money in a Sub-Floor Ventilation company which does not exist anymore. The warranty that went with the product is only worth the paper it is written on. However lessons can be learned that investing in Sub-Floor Ventilation Systems should only be done with a trusted and reputable brand name.

Does only having a trusted name in Sub-Floor Ventilation guarantee the optimum in sub-floor design? With Envirofan Sub-Floor Ventilation Systems it does!

Superior Sub-Floor Ventilation Installation Methods

Sub-floor Ventilation companies usual practice is to use of flexible ducting (flexiduct) to various parts of the Sub-floor area. It is like an ‘octopus’ kind configuration. This design just puts more materials into the Sub-floor space which is just another obstacle for airflow to travel around, besides the brick piers, plumbing pipes and sub-walls. Envirofan’s Sub-floor Ventilation methodology does leave other Sub-floor Ventilation companies in its wake as we believe this is not good practice. It is our policy, that the use of flexi-duct should at all times, be used sparingly.

Where there is a Sub-floor Ventilation problem area, we would install a Sub-floor Ventilation System right at this point, in the exterior wall as shown in the illustration above and induce dry air from the sunny aspect of the dwelling. This can be achieved by the Envirofan Sub-floor Ventilation System or by the installation of hi-flow vents. If there is a reduced external ground clearance to the finish floor level inside the home, then we would use a brick size Sub-floor Ventilation System. If the ground clearance is higher than the internal floor level, Envirofan Sub-floor Ventilation Systems has also got it covered there as well.