Sub-Floor and Roof Ventilation Beneficial for Shoalhaven and Illawarra Residents


Effective sub-floor and roof ventilation and its benefits is available for Shoalhaven and Illawarra residence. This has been the case since 2001. As Envirofan sub-floor ventilation have establish themselves as the first sub-floor ventilation company in the Shoalhaven and Illawarra areas.

The Benefits of Using an Established Company

Envirofan sub-floor ventilation before coming to the Illawarra and Shoalhaven had its early beginning in Sydney. Moving to the Shoalhaven and servicing the Illawarra was a pleasant surprise in meeting friendly people and observing breathtaking vistas. Our obvious objective was to use our expanse of knowledge in sub-floor and roof ventilation systems to assist the public in ventilation troubleshooting.

Why is Sub-floor and Roof Ventilation Important

Impetus on roof ventilation would not be as important as sub-floor ventilation as it is more of a comfort requirement to the occupants. Roof ventilation extracts the heat out of roof spaces during hot days whilst taking heat pressures off ceilings. This helps air conditioners to work much more efficiently. Envirofan roof ventilation systems are a 12volt and thermostatically controlled, so to operate them would not put a dent into the electricity bill. If solar power is used, well that is free energy from the sun.

Sub-floor ventilation on the other hand is an essential. Why do we say essential? Humidity accumulation in the sub-floor region rings alarm bells for those involved in the pest control and sub-floor ventilation industries as built up humidity can be a trigger for a termite attack. This is brought to the fore by the ‘Termite Inspection Report’ AS 3660 which states that “Ventilation particularly is the sub-floor region is important in minimising the opportunity for termites to establish themselves within the property.”

The health benefits to the occupants is equally important. Humidity build-up in the sub-floor if left unchecked will penetrate into the living area. This will present itself as a musty smell (which is similar to smelling dirt) The impact of this kind of presence will decrease the air quality inside the home. Persons that are vulnerable or that would exacerbate their condition would be asthma and bronchitis sufferers. Even so, those who are quite healthy can develop symptoms by leaving themselves exposed to this kind of environment.

It is good news to the residence of the Illawarra and the Shoalhaven that Envirofan has the expertise to tackle any domestic ventilation issues however our forte is in sub-floor ventilation.