Solar Powered Sub-floor Ventilation – Free Energy from the Sun with Envirofan

env-solar-panelSolar power provides us with warmth, hot water, electricity and more. Why not utilise solar power for sub-floor ventilation too! Automatically provide continued air flow for the sub-floor area.

Solar powered sub-floor ventilation has been used throughout the Solarfan period from the 1970’s. These days solar panels have reduced in price over time and their quality has improved significantly since then.

The solar panel securely sits on the roof preferably facing north, however north east and northwest aspects are still acceptable. This converts solar power to electric power to drive the sub-floor ventilation system, which are 12 volt.

Some may ask “Do I need to clean the solar panels?” A good driving rain can do this for you so there is no need to be involved in the day to day operation of solar powered sub-floor ventilation – “It’s 100% free energy from the sun.” The picture above shows the solarpanel. These are made from toughened glass and are able to withstand normal hail storms.

The solarpanels are installed on top of the roofing material. From here they send a continued electrical current to operate the fan mechanism until such time as the sun sets or the UV diminishes. During cloudy days with a moderate UV index this process will continue at a slower rate as the solarpowered units do not store energy but supply power directly to the sub-floor ventilation systems.

To operate the Envirofan quad fan sub-floor ventilation system, it requires two solar panels and these will occupy a space on the roof around 630 x 315mm. Solar power sub-floor ventilation systems are worth considering!