Envirofan Home Ventilation System Removes Stale and Humid Air from Sub-Floor Areas

The purpose of a home ventilation system is to maintain a healthy living environment by supplying fresh air to your home while at the same time removing stale and humid air from habitable and sub-floor areas.

Mould, damp and mildew are prevalent in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth Darwin and Hobart Australia. Efficient home ventilation systems can also help to maintain proper humidity levels at acceptable levels.

Sub-floor damp and mildew can have a very adverse effect on your health and home. If left unchecked it can cause damage to floors and walls, leading to floorboards bowing, walls cracking and structural damage not to mention termite infestation. This can be very expensive to rectify and may adversely affect the value of your property.

Proper home and underfloor ventilation can help reduce allergy and asthma symptoms and help ease other respiratory ailments that burden millions of people. Underfloor dampness is very common and you are right to be concerned about its impact on your health and your home as it can affect supporting flooring structures.

The air in your home is used many times over, often with fresh air entering only when we open doors or windows eg when we get home from work. This is not enough to keep the nasties at bay

As we strive to build homes that are more energy efficient, we create an environment prone to poor indoor air quality, thereby, reducing the homes ability to breathe and natural adequate air changes do not occur. Some builders also give little regard for internal and sub-floor ventilation as they strive to make homes more energy efficient. Our lifestyle also can contribute e.g. minimising security breeches by keeping windows locked all day – this contributes to insufficient home ventilation – pollutants accumulate and become very concentrated. These pollutants come from many sources, such as mould, off-gassing of man-made materials and are exacerbated when combined with high humidity levels, which inevitably can lead to sick building syndrome.

When humidity is too high, mould, mildew and dry-rot can become a serious problem. A mould outbreak can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home and in some cases can make a home uninhabitable. This is referred to as ‘sick building syndrome.’

Pet fur, pollen, lead, dust mites, mould spores, tobacco smoke, household chemicals, pesticides, cleaning supplies, paints and solvents are only some of the common pollutants that can build up without adequate home ventilation.

Another problem with high humidity in underfloor or sub-floor areas is that this can attract termites This fact is outlined in the Termite Inspection Report in accord with AS 3660. This is certainly a concern to the homeowner who live on suspended floors regardless whether it is wood or concrete.

Home ventilation or sub-floor ventilation systems is the answer to various problem in Sydney Australia.

Home ventilation is one of the most important things you can manage, in order to maintain a healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

Activated oxygen technology, ventilators, air exchangers, kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans, roof ventilation fans, underfloor fan-forced systems in conjunction with passive vents are all important components of proper home ventilation and create a drier environment.

N.B. Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide and soot from fuel burning appliances and heating systems can also become a problem without proper home ventilation systems.