Effective Ventilation by Low Voltage Ventilation Systems


Effective ventilation target has been reached by ventilation systems that are low voltage since the 1970’s. This was achieved by using 12 volt fans that were especially design for sub-floor situations. Since 2001 Envirofan ensured that these fan mechanism were upgraded to deliver ten percent more air flow than its predecessor.

These have proved successful in different situations.

When servicing a particular area of approx 3m² the ventilation system was installed on a west facing wall utilising solar power. The mechanism was reversed to ingress dry air. Six months later the drying effect was evident as the sandstones appearance was not darkened by the presence of moisture. The client concerns was for this area only and not for the whole dwelling.

In the case of warm air colliding with moist air, warm air would eventually cool to create a dew point. One solar ventilation system can only do so much. In this instance it is obvious that apart from one solar powered system, more low voltage systems would be needed, to established effective cross-flow ventilation.

When embarking on a holistic approach to ventilation it is important to consult an authorised Envirofan ventilation consultant.

The best ventilation design does not guarantee ventilation success. Equally important is having the same ventilation consultant to perform the installation.

Envirofan has observed over the years with others that when the installation crews are called in to execute a ventilation design that something gets lost in translation. This is evident when we are called in to inspect a ventilation issue that has not been resolved effectively, that these deficiencies have become apparent.

So don’t leave your ventilation to chance get it right the first time with Envirofan so that you would never have to think of it ever again.