Damp Problems? Ventilation Solutions by Envirofan

Since the 1970’s onwards damp problems, ventilation solutions have been attained with low voltage sub-floor ventilation systems. These have been proved more desirable than 240 volt in line systems as they use 80% less power and are half as quiet. This has proved very advantageous to the consumer in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth.

Damp problems comes in various forms such as rising damp, down damp, lateral damp if this is the case then a rising damp specialist should be consulted. This information can be accessed through the ArchiCentre. The reference when discussing damp problems relates poor sub-floor ventilation where entrapped humidity accumulates in the sub-floor area and then penetrates through suspended floors or accumulates as condensation on suspended concrete floors. When this is the case low voltage sub-floor systems will provide the ventilation solution.

Why is this a concern?

Condensation on suspended concrete slabs will rain down moisture to the ground underneath which can encourage termites as they thrive in moist environments. Condensation can occur even on timber bearers and joist, which will adversely affect the longevity of these structures in the form of dry rot. How does this happen? Moisture will expand the cells in timber which will weaken it. This is noticeable when floors begin to bounce. Floors will expand to the point where it will lift off the brick piers. This damp problem will be solved by installing low voltage sub-floor ventilation systems. Ventilation solutions is achieved as humidity is drawn out from the affected area by the extraction process.

Damp problems are not easily solved as it takes a while for the moisture condition to reverse itself if effective ventilation solutions are installed. By six weeks this should be enough time to see a significant change. Evidence of this would be the musty smell would disappear. Condensation should not be visible and the ground surface should be appearing drier (providing it doesn’t rain during this time).

It is the Envirofan ventilation consultants practice to return to the site where ventilation solutions has been provided to ensure that it is on track in solving the damp problem.

Don’t leave it chance to solve your damp problems. Get Envirofan to provide effective ventilation solutions and have peace of mind knowing that it is has been done right.