The BEST Way to Achieve Damp Solutions for Sub-Floor Areas


In short it is Envirofan belief that the best way to achieve damp solutions is by utilising low voltage sub-floor ventilation systems. Our experience in this area of expertise goes back to the nineteen-eighties.

Low voltage sub-floor ventilation systems have been used since the 1970’s. They have been very effective in providing damp solutions.

Companies that only install 240 volt sub-floor ventilation systems have their own agenda so to endorse 12 volt sub-floor ventilation systems would not be on their best interests.

What is the best damp solution?

Undoubtedly it would have to be by the utilisation of low voltage system.

Why can this be said?

For various reasons, in that they consume 80% less power than a 240 volt system. If the client chooses solar power with the Envirofan system this would increase to 100% less.

Other factors that contribute to why low voltage ventilation systems are the best option in providing damp solutions is that they are the most quietest systems in the market place. So that means that substantial resonating noise into the living area is not going to happen.

The best chance that a client can give themselves in reaching a damp solution is by keeping the sub-floor free as possible from obstructions. Things that are not necessary in a sub-floor ventilation design like flexible ducting, dampers, branch take offs. Envirofan low voltage sub-floor systems has none of these as they retrofit certain existing vents.

Are low voltage systems powerful enough in providing damp solutions?

There is no doubt! It takes 2 Envirofan sub-floor systems to equal what the higher end 240 volt in-line systems will do. So for some to assert that low voltage sub-floor systems are not powerful enough is a falsehood. Low voltage sub-floor systems speak volumes of how effective they have been in providing damp solutions since their implementation.