Envirofan Damp Solutions via Sub-floor Ventilation


Envirofan has provided damp solutions since 2001. It predecessor Solarfan provided damp solutions since the 1970’s. How did they do this? Damp solutions are achieved mainly in the design of their sub-floor ventilation systems and in the installation of their units.

Installation and Design

Envirofan has a direct approach in providing damp solutions. How can we say that? Simply put, damp solutions are provided by the installation of the Envirofan sub-floor ventilation system where the damp or problem area is. In its design stage these sub-floor ventilation systems are brick size which means they can be installed in areas where there is a reduced clearance between the ground and the floor joists. Where sub-floor ventilation would be extremely lacking in this space, damp solutions are achieved by extricating a brick and installing the fan-forced ventilation system in its place. Simple!

In this same scenario ventilation companies that use 240v in-line fan systems would install 150mm flexi-duct in this area to draw the damp humid air into the duct work providing their version of a damp solution. This means that air has to flow around this obstacle before it is drawn into the duct-work and extracted outside.

Which damp solution seems simpler to you?

If a sub-floor ventilation problem exist somewhere near a passive vent, damp solutions can be achieved by removing the vent and replacing it with an Envirofan terracotta vent size ventilation system. This changes the ventilation properties from passive to active.

Are 12 volt sub-floor ventilation systems powerful enough to provide damp solutions?

The correct answer to this question is dependent on who you ask. If this question was posed to a company that installs 240 volt system they would most likely say, No! This would be an obvious answer as they have there own agenda.

There is no question if low voltage sub-floor ventilation systems can provide an effective damp solution as there are thousands of clients who can attest to the fact that they work and get the desired result, therefore damp solutions are achieved. As a comparison it would take two Envirofan units to equal a 240 volt in-line system.

On this par Envirofan would do it better; in that it would take 80% less power and is half as quiet. Do Envirofan sub-floor ventilation systems provide effective damp solutions? There is no doubt!