Cupboard Ventilation for the 21st Century

In the 21st century sub-floor ventilation and ventilation in general has advanced substantially from Grandma’s day. In her time lavender was used to sweeten up wardrobes or cupboards.

The Envirofan EF1 cupboard ventilation system as shown here is designed for built-in wardrobes.

Solarpowered fan-forced systems is utilized to give cupboards and wardrobes that breath of fresh air, where the air is changed many times over per day.

Utilising solarpower the Envirofan EF1 cupboard ventilation system (or the mighty mini as others call it) is totally automatic even on cloudy days. It is a winner for the environment. Additonal applications for the EF1 cupboard ventilation system are refrigerator alcoves in caravan or at home, kitchen cupboards and pantries, fan-forced ventilation for eco toilets and out houses.