Envirofan EF12SQR-150 Ventilation System


Similar in principle to our In-Line and Cul-de-Sac ventilation systems, the EF12SQR-150 is ideal for dwellings with a minimal sub-floor space, and where a typical Quad Fan or Dual fan system cannot be installed. However, this Envirofan fan-forced ventilation system is for cases with limited ability to install on the exterior wall where the outside ground level impinges on the sub-floor area thereby the EF12SQR-150 can be moved at a position on the exterior wall and the end of the ducting postioned toward the area that needs to be serviced. Length of ducting cannot be more than 6 metres.

This Envirofan extracts 7,000 litres per minute (7.0m3/min) at only 58.4dBa. It is installed into the exterior wall space and is just over two (2) bricks high. Included in this price is the single fan motor assembly integrated into the “square-to-round” 150mm duct adapter behind; 150mm ducting termination collar (finishing collar); white or brown external grill; a single 12v transformer; and six (6) metres of low voltage cable.

Additional items such as the 150mm flexible duct, “y” branches, hanging strap, and duct tape are also available for purchase. Please contact us prior to purchase if required.

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  • l-225mm x w-175mm x d-100mm
  • 7.0m3 (7,000 litres) of damp air extracted from your sub-floor per minute.
  • Retrofits a 2 brick high terra-cotta vent.
  • Operates at 58.4dB@1m (twice the dB rating of the quad fan system, but for similar ventilation systems, has about the same dB rating).
  • Colour availability – ‘Brown’ or ‘White’ Please specify colour preference at Checkout in ‘Order Notes’ (for any other colour the louvered vent can be painted by using ESP, or  by Penetrol paint preparation before applying an acrylic.)
  • Long life – fully serviceable.
  • Low voltage (12v – 13.2v) or solar powered.
  • 2 years manufacturers warranty.


  • 12 volt system operates at 16 watts. This would mean the impact on power resources is much less than a 240v system which would reduce the carbon footprint.
  • This system can be solar powered.
  • Options – reduction of dB (noise) levels is by reducing the voltage on the variable power supply; will reduce the pitch and RPM’s of the fan motor.
  • There is no need for an electrical license as the unit is low voltage. This would be ideal for the home handyman, pest technicians, plumbers, carpenters and builders.


If the sub floor space has a minimal space whereby a brick size ventilation system cannot be fitted on the outside wall due to elevated ground levels equal to or above the sub floor area, then the EF12SQR-150 which integrates the fan motor into the square to round 225 x 175 can be mounted into an existing terracotta vent or via a new opening in the brickwork, then the ducting is extended back into the sub-floor area where it is needed. The EF12QR-150 will accept 150mm flexi-duct or 150mm PVC plumbers pipe. Maximum length of ducting shall be no more than 6 metres. If desired may be used with no ducting.

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