Envirofan Sub Floor Ventilation Solutions, Melbourne – Reduce Mould – Prevent Termites

“I recently purchased goods through Envirofan. I’m normally quite hesitant to purchase goods via email using EFT (electronic fund transfer), but with Christine’s help, I felt very at ease. My goods arrived promptly, and Christine was there every step of the way to answer my questions. I would have no hesitations in recommending anyone that wants to do business with Envirofan this way. They are a trustworthy company as my experience has shown.” Liz C., Heathcote NSW

Create a healthy home with fast and affordable sub floor ventilation.

The saying is ‘your home is your castle.’ But who would want to live in a damp castle? Sub floor ventilation Melbourne can stop dampness in its tracks and reverse the cycle of mould and heat build-up as you protect your health and your home.

How does Envirofan fan-forced sub floor ventilation
contribute to family health and home?

Envirofan fan-forced systems sweeps away humidity and damp air from the sub floor area allowing fresh air to be drawn into the sub-floor area. Why is this important?

A poorly ventilated sub floor area which consists of passive vents only, accumulates humidity which reacts with organic substances, mould and materials which our homes are constructed of results in off-gassing. When these gases reach saturation point this will penetrate into the habitable area via porous flooring material and in wall cavities whereby the occupants are surrounded. The air quality inside the home will degenerate. Children or adults with bronchial vulnerability will exacerbate their condition.

What about termites? Termites are attracted to humid conditions will allow them to thrive. Envirofan is a termite control mechanism which reverses humidity levels in the sub-floor area. This fact is outlined by the ‘Termite Inspection Report” in accordance with AS3660 which is used in the ‘pest control industry’ advises that moisture in the sub floor area must be minimized which inhibits termites to establish themselves within the property. (click for more….)

Envirofan sub floor ventilation in Melbourne since 1994.
Why use Envirofan systems?

Since 1994 Envirofan have successfully been used to tackle these situations as aforementioned. However using Envirofan systems does shine as a beacon from all others. How so?


  • Unisearch tested in the late 1970’s before its introduction into the marketplace (unlike others).
  • Lowest db (noise rated) sub floor ventilation system in the marketplace. 33% less noise of a 240v system.
  • 1/10th power consumption of a mid-size 240v in-line fan system.
  • Is a tried and tested product which assures customers of its longevity & reliability.
  • Being 12v minimises the carbon footprint than 240v systems.
  • No need for a full ducted system which adds clutter to the sub-floor area.
  • Retrofits existing brick size and terra-cotta vent size vents whereby the humid and damp air is drawn toward the Envirofan systems then extracted to the outside.
  • Brick size Envirofans are prudential in situations where elevated outside ground levels start to impinge on the inside floor and only a brick size sub floor ventilation can be fitted.
  • Other systems will not endure in a corrosive environment which the sub-floor area is, meaning unwarranted expenditure.
  • Solar power option.
  • Envirofans are built by Australians, which supports Australian livelihoods.

ef_guaranteeIn the light of the foregoing you can be confident of Envirofans quality, intuitive installation methods and the sub floor ventilation system which has endured over time.

‘If it’s not Envirofan, it isn’t one’