Sub-Floor Ventilation for Sydney & Melbourne – New DIY Quad-Fan Installation Video

Brainchild of Envirofan veteran David Marinos in 2001, production began of the EF Quad-Fan system, which became an intuitive product for the Sydney and Melbourne (high density)  sub-floor ventilation industry.

No other product operates as quietly as the quad-fan system. Just two compact Envirofan quad-fan systems compare to a mid-size 240v in-line fan in volume at a mere 11m3/minute. Its carbon footprint is a minimal $6 per year to operate (based on 0.25cents per kw) and on solar power, naturally, it leaves no footprint. Architects and developers have commented positively on the quietness of the Envirofan quad-fan system in built up residential and commercial area; meaning only good news to the business or homeowner and their neighbours. In saying this, we are proud to launch our new DIY Quad-Fan Installation Video (above) with Tudor Vasile of Trusted Pest Management, Brisbane who testifies to this fact.

What about aesthetics? The flagship of the Envirofan range incorporates a louvered grill which is powder coated in a variety of colours. Because these units replace terracotta or brick size vents, these sit flat to the finished wall and DO NOT protrude (unlike unappealing alternatives presented by our competitors). Some may even mistake a brick size Envirofan to a modern, designer path light as they look somewhat similar; all in all a pleasing sight.

More and more competing companies continue to outsource the production of their sub-floor products. But Envirofan systems remain proudly built in Australia, supporting local jobs at all stages – including concept, through promotion, design and production – until the very point we switch-on our quality Australian-made performance at your home.

The brick size and quad-fan system is exclusive to Envirofan which is the ‘ip’ or ‘intellectual property’ of Envirofan. Any duplication of these products and associated media is in breach of copyright law of Australia.