Ventilation is All Important


Ventilation is essential for good health especially since those who work indoors are usually inside ninety percent of the time during the working week. From home to work and back again it is essential that your ventilation has the right balance.

Air is a living thing and will only last approximately thirty minutes if not replenished. So it is vital, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, air quality is maintained by good ventilation practices.

In the Home

From day to day we subject our home to multiple sources of moisture. For example, ironing, cooking, steam mopping, showering, dishwashing, clothes dryers, sub-floor moisture, gas heating and bathing. These mould spores constantly float around the atmosphere of the building and propagate when coupled with humidity. If not addressed your home will become a haven for mould and mildew. Before mould and mildew can get a foothold, simply opening doors and windows can allow fresh air to enter your home. However most cases incorporate solar fan-forced ventilation systems whereby its operation is by day to draw the dry air in and cease during the night. This is done by the extraction process and is ideal during the winter months.

In the Roof Space

Ventilating the roof space is just as important to prevent mould and mildew propagation as aforementioned. Architects and builders take note – as at present, exhaust fans from wet areas spill steam into the roof space. If the dwelling is fitted with typical halogen down lights, this moisture can find its way through the lights via a 5mm gap and back into the living areas. More information about the installation of the Envirofan RF7 can be found at:

In the Sub-Floor

The sub floor area is usually enclosed by external brickwork which prevents any ventilation. Passive vents can alleviate the buildup of moisture but this may be not enough. Passive vents alone do not allow the humidity to escape which then penetrates through the floor and into the brick wall cavity (separating the outside brickwork and the internal wall surface). The telltale sign of this affect is a distinct musty smell inside the dwelling and a contribution to the existing moisture levels already present inside the home.

The solution? Firstly, rid the sub floor humidity with Envirofan! Then minimize the amount of humidity inside the habitable area such as: ducting the clothes dryer, directly ducting bathroom exhaust fans to the outside, install window locks, use reverse cycle air conditioning during winter months (as opposed to gas), range hoods that are directly ducted to the outside…, and more.