Sub-Floor Ventilation in Melbourne from 1994 Onwards

Melbourne Map EnvirofanEnvirofan sub floor ventilation systems have been in Melbourne and Greater Melbourne for the past 20 years. The map on the left is not exact where the Envirofan systems are, but have been installed in Melbourne from 1994 onwards.

From the Solarfan (now Envirofan) days up to now, the sub floor ventilation systems used, have helped with damp sub floors, musty smells inside the living area and mould control. It has facilitated with the easing of respiratory conditions in people and is used as a termite control mechanism.

At Envirofan being a premium product we would ensure using reputable companies to supply and install Envirofan as it not a matter of product quality only, but also our reputation.

We have worked very hard over the years in delivering the best that 12 volt systems will do and the results speak for themselves so all you have to do is relax and let the Envirofan sub floor ventilation take care of the rest for you. It seems that others are experts in commenting on the effectiveness on our product but don’t have the science to back up their claims. In the late 1970’s Solarfan (now Envirofan) was put through its paces at Unisearch (UNSW). If it wasn’t deemed an effective sub floor ventilation it would not have been launched or perished in the market place prematurely. However the reverse has transpired over the years that Envirofan’s are used all over the country by architects and engineers, person who have studied their academic discipline at university and have utilised Envirofan, as it is perfectly matched to their credentials and profession. For builders Envirofan sub-floor ventilation systems are a boon for their profession as well.

In view of the foregoing we can confidently say ‘if it is not Envirofan, it isn’t one’ as it is unparalleled in 12 volt sub floor ventilation effectiveness and design.