It All Adds Up for Good Sub-Floor Ventilation

Good sub-floor ventilation possesses a lot of benefits to the occupants and the building itself.

How does good sub-floor ventilation do this?

Over the years undesirable substances exist and grow in a sub-floor area such as mould. Mould interacts with humidity and damp in the sub-floor area to let off an odour when inhaled is not only unpleasant to the senses but in a concentrated form can affect the health of the occupant or homeowner. Once the sub-floor area is engulfed, this odour will penetrate into the living area through the flooring material. So why wait, when it gets to that point? Effective sub-floor ventilation will rectify this unhealthy environment and situation by extracting the damp and odour by the use of fan-forced sub-floor ventilation systems. Envirofan has been solving these kinds of problems for years. From the 1970’s Solarfan sub-floor ventilation has been doing the same thing. So we have the expertise and experience over many years.

How does good sub-floor ventilation help as a termite control mechanism?

There are many different reasons why termites invade a dwelling as they forage for their food source.

One primary attraction of termites is moisture. Even the ‘Termite Inspection Report’ AS 3660 will verify that attention must be given to good sub-floor ventilation as this inhibits termites to establish themselves within the property. Does this mean that if I give attention to good sub-floor ventilation that I will never have termites? There is no silver bullet, however by giving attention to effective sub-floor ventilation this is one less thing that termites will be attracted to. Any reputable pest controller will give attention to sub-floor ventilation as a holistic approach to termite inspections and eradication.

How does good sub-floor ventilation help the building?

Building materials that are porous such as wood, will be damaged by damp (moisture) as the cells in this material expand become soft and disintegrate. Now this will not happen overnight but when exposed over longer periods moisture will have an impact.

It all adds up to ones advantage to install effective sub-floor ventilation.